PHOENIX - Audio recordings of 911 calls capture the intense moments after two drive-by shootings in March that Phoenix police have linked to the serial street shooter case.

In two of the clips, family members of the victims can be heard begging for help and trying to provide details about what happened.

A female caller can be heard frantically asking for help, telling the operator that her 21-year-old brother had been shot and was bleeding in their front yard.

Another caller in a separate incident can be heard telling an operator his 16-year-old cousin had been shot outside his grandmother's house.

Phoenix police say the case is still their top priority, despite tips from the public significantly dropping off. In total, about 3,000 tips have been reported. Detectives prioritized the information and are now taking a look at those that were considered less important.

The department continues to appeal to the community for help, insisting the missing piece of the puzzle is likely to come from citizens.

The reward for information that leads to an arrest is $75,000 and anonymous tips can be submitted at