SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - A new documentary spotlighting child sex trafficking, something that affects us here in the Valley and across the country, is hitting a theater in Scottsdale.

The film is called “I am Jane Doe." It tracks the life of three young girls who were trafficked on, a website that posts ads for all kinds of services.

The documentary shows viewers just how common this awful practice is here locally and around the nation. It's told through the eyes of mothers, whose underage daughters were sold for sex.

Cindy McCain says the film was inspired by and all of the young children whose bodies are bought and sold through that site.

“The ability for 'Backpage' to be able to sell children and primarily get away with it for the most part is just a tragedy of unbelievable consequences," McCain said.

McCain says she hopes “I Am Jane Doe” resonates with viewers who will see firsthand how the adult classifieds section stole the young lives featured in the film.

Viewers can watch the documentary Friday March 17 through the 23rd at the Harkins Theater at Scottsdale Fashion Square.

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