Bentley is the Chandler Police Department’s cutest crime fighter.

The 10-year-old long-hair Chihuahua is part of the Dog Walker Watch Program.

More than 200 dog walkers are a part of the program.

Chandler officer Robin Atwood says 95 percent of police arrests come from someone calling them and there’s no one better to have on lookout than a dog walker who knows their neighborhood well.

Bentley’s owner and Valley radio personality W. Steven Martin is happy to help.

“People walking their dogs, they notice everything. They stop, they look, they let the dog take a break -- it's probably the best security you can have outside of having an officer living on your block,” said Martin.

Officers ask that dog walkers take out their headphones and stop texting or looking at social media so they can really pay attention to what they see and hear on their walk. Officer Atwood says paying attention is paying off.

“When they are looking around, they’re safer, then their community is safer,” said Atwood.

It pays off for Bentley too.

“We walk every morning before it gets too hot and he gets a treat at the end and he gets a treat at the house,” Martin said.

If you want to join the program, you just have to attend a meeting. Check Chandler PD's website for the meeting schedule.