CHANDLER, Ariz. - Chandler police arrested a man who allegedly shot at a store clerk, then led police on a chase while firing a gun at them, all because the clerk wouldn't sell him beer, police said Tuesday.

Chandler police arrested 29-year-old Robert Lee Antone, Jr., Tuesday night after they said he kidnapped his girlfriend and his nephew, and forced her to drive the getaway car.

According to police, Antone was allegedly drunk when he entered a Valero gas station near Gilbert and Riggs roads. Court documents show the clerk refused to sell Antone beer after he vomited in the store.

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The documents show Antone admitted he then pulled a gun out of his car and fired six times at the store. The clerk was not injured.

Chandler Police said Antone pointed the gun at his girlfriend and his 16-year-old nephew and told her to drive.

As police officers chased him, Antone allegedly fired two more rounds, missing officers but hitting another female driver through the door of her car. That driver is in critical condition with a gunshot wound to her abdomen, police said.

Chandler police used stop sticks to disabled Antone's car as he headed toward the Gila River Indian Reservation. According to court documents, Antone is of Native American descent.

Court documents show Antone is a convicted felon with prior arrests for car theft, escape and assaulting a corrections officer. He was alsonot allowed to posses a gun. According to the documents, Antone admitted to buying the gun off the street because he knew he couldn't buy one from a store.

Antone is being charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping and assaulting a police officer.