CHANDLER, Ariz. - A group of Chandler high school students spent their Saturday assembling 3D-printed prosthetic hands.

BASIS Chandler Charter School students interested in engineering and medicine built about 30 prosthetic hands, to be sent to people around the world who need them.

The prosthetic hands are very complex, created with elastic cords and fishing line.

And when you move the hand, the fingers contract. The tension in the cables allows the fingers to grab on to objects.

Rahul Jayaraman, a junior at BASIS Chandler, organized the event.

“It’s honestly such an insane sense of satisfaction,” he said, “just knowing that there is some kid out there who will be able to have a hand that he’s never had before or be able to do things he’d never even dreamed of being possible.”

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies in Tempe worked with Jayaraman to perfect the design and 3D print the hands.