CHANDLER, Ariz. - The images out of Texas are painful for Chandler couple Sean and Kim Saxon.

The two moved to Arizona from the Houston area years ago, and still have family back home. That family was unable to come out for a reunion days after Hurricane Harvey hit the coast, so Sean and Kim knew they needed to help.

"I just put a Facebook post on my personal page, and quickly it was clear many other people wanted to help," Sean said.

Within hours, donations started showing up at their front door the post was being shared by several popular Facebook groups in the east Valley. As donations rolled in, it became obvious their pickup-truck wouldn't be enough.

"We realized the trailer wasn't going to work, that's when we went with the big U-Haul," Sean said. That's a 26-foot U-Haul truck to be exact, which they say the company gave them at half price.

After packing the truck, 22 hours later, Sean and Kim arrived in south Texas and began donating those supplies to the Woodlands Church in The Woodlands, Texas. A Facebook video shows thousands of pounds of donations inside the church. Many of the donations came from Arizona, but the help is coming from everywhere.

"I can just visualize the caravan of people driving out with hot food and hugs and support. That's what people need," Kim said while wiping the tears of happiness from her face.

Many of the people who donated supplies and helped pack the truck stopped by the day after the Saxon's returned to Chandler to see how the trip went. The Saxon's wanted to thank them personally.

"Everyone we talked to was incredibly kind, certainly a ton of thank yous and the least we could do was express that back to the people who made it all possible," Sean said.