SCOTTSDALE, AZ.- One day, 13-year-old Elizabeth Cameron woke up with pain in her hip. Being a dancer, she thought it was a bruise that would eventually go away. Soon, the pain was unbearable and her family decided to seek medical attention.

The doctor who saw her requested an MRI, and a few days later Elizabeth was admitted to the Phoenix Children's Hospital to treat a malignant tumor in her hip.

"I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma in my left hip," Elizabeth said. "From there I had a total of 14 rounds of chemotherapy, and I had a major surgery called an internal hemipelvectomy, where they removed my left hip with no replacement."

Her life changed drastically.

"Social media was the worst. I would see my friends out and about doing things that normal 13-year-olds do, and I was stuck in a bed," Elizabeth said.

She found something to pass the time. "I would take the mirror in my bed and apply make up, remove it, and apply it again," she said.

It was makeup that helped her get through those difficult days.

"I didn't feel good, but I looked good," Elizabeth said. "I think other girls my age, who are going through the same, should be able to feel good about their appearance because being in those situations is not pretty, we lose our hair, our eyebrows our eyelashes."

Now she's cancer-free, and Elizabeth and her family do the best they can to help others going through those same conditions she once did.

"We send makeup kits to those who contact us via social media," Elizabeth said. "Our goal is to make them feel better."

She's been in remission for a year now, and these days she tries to leave the past behind and plan on the future: college, a makeup line with proceeds going toward research for children's cancer and a foundation.

With her energy and outlook on life, she'll accomplish that and much more.