PHOENIX - Can you do intense cardio for 36 minutes?

Try Fit36, a workout system of interval training. The gym opened at Desert Ridge near N. Tatum Boulevard and Deer Valley Drive.

"There's 12 stations set up around the gym," said trainer Asia Doran, "and you will go through each of the 12 stations twice. It's going to be one minute of work followed by 30 seconds of rest."

The stations range from high energy activities to slow heart rate exercises and they can be modified for all participants.

"You should know getting into this," said Doran, "that you shouldn't be nervous at all. We have different modifications for every single workout. So whether you are just coming in from the couch and never worked out before, whether you are just trying to get back into it or whether you are training for Ragnar or Spartan Race, we have all abilities here."

The whole time, gym-goers wear a heart monitor. It measures the amount of calories burned, highest heart rate and average heart rate.

"I love the fact that it's a lot of cardio-based," said Doran, "but we also have a lot of strength training and the fact that it gets done in 36 minutes but you're able to burn double the calories for the next 36 hours is a big plus for most of our people."

Doran's best piece of advice: push yourself, your mind will give up before your body does.

Membership is: $59 for four classes a month, $89 for 8 classes a month and $139 for unlimited classes a month. There are deals if you can get your friends to join as well.

The only current location in the Valley is at N. Tatum Rd and E. Deer Valley Rd.

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