PHOENIX- A judge from the Superior Court of Arizona released but ordered an electronic monitor for a California man who was arrested at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Friday night after he allegedly gave a false impression of a public safety threat.

John Nichols had approached an agent at a ticket counter and said something she took was a threat to public safety. He then set down a suitcase and walked away from it, police said.

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The 61-year-old California resident had his initial appearance Saturday morning and asked the judge to make a phone call to his family, who he said is "probably worried sick" about him.

Nichols does not have a local residence in Arizona, according to court documents. The judge said Nichols may return to California, but must return to Phoenix for all his court dates.

Nichols may not return to the scene of the crime, the judge said.

His next court date is set for July 21, according to court documents.