ARCADIA, Ariz. – Inside The Body Lab are a row of complete body workout machines.

“The one thing about being on a megaformer is it is low impact,” said instructor Lisa Levine. “Even though you’re not jumping around, you are still getting a really good, deep workout. Sweat is pouring. Muscles are shaking. You know you’re just doing something really good for your body.”

The megaformer helps gym-goers burn an average of 600 calories per class.

“Every day there is a different work out,” said Levine, “so depending on your instructor, your music is going to be different, your sequence is going to be different, so that makes it fun.”

The challenging workout is 50 minutes long and targets the arms, the legs and the core.

There are two locations in the Valley: Arcadia (near Camelback and 44th St.) and Desert Ridge (near Tatum Blvd. and Deer Valley Dr.).

When I tried out the class, it took me some time to develop the balance and proper form. However, once I had the moves down, I could really feel a significant muscle burn the entire class. I also perspired buckets and buckets of sweat. The instructors were also very good about watching form and fixing technique.

The first class is free. Drop-ins pay $30 after that and there are packages available for clients who want to sign up.

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