BUCKEYE, Ariz. - Jeff Hancock has lived at his Buckeye home for just three months, but has spent over $1,000 trying to pay for his water bill.

"I was just like – I was just like, “This can’t be right," he said.

When he opened up his September bill, Hancock found a charge of a little over $400, with the water accounting for over $300.

"So that’s why I went down (to city hall) and they’re like, “No, if it went through your meter, then you’re paying for it," he said.

Hancock said he has tried to speak directly with Buckeye officials in an effort to figure out the problem, but only to be told it's most likely a leak or someone is stealing his water.

One bill reflected 28,000 gallons of water used by the home that Hancock shares with his girlfriend. His son comes over every weekend.

Hancock has shut off his irrigation and his pool’s auto-refill system, and has been checking his water meter, but so far no indication a problem exists on his property.

"I’m just hoping we get some answers," he said.

Our 12 News cameras followed Hancock to Buckeye City Hall to see if someone could talk with him face-to-face and provide a solution.

We waited about 30 minutes to speak with Dave Nigh, director of the water resources department, who said our cameras could not capture the meeting due to customer privacy issues.

Nigh and Hancock went into City Hall for their meeting.

"At this point it does look like I’ll still have to pay the $450 or whatever it is," Hancock said after the conversation.

Nigh said he plans to follow-up with Hancock at the end of the week and also will send a crew out to the house to check for leaks, but he maintained Hancock's meter is new and functioning properly.

If you're having similar water issues, please send an email to verify@12news.com.