BUCKEYE, Ariz. - Jessie Wilson was first reported missing by his mother on the morning of on July 18.

His mother, Crystal Wilson, told investigators she believed the 10-year-old boy climbed out his second-story window and ran away. She said the boy has a history of leaving home without letting her or anyone know.

Buckeye police have been investigating the disappearance ever since but have yet to find the boy or any evidence linking his disappearance to a crime. Investigators would not get into specifics but Buckeye police confirmed Wednesday to 12 News that they have submitted evidence to a lab for testing.

According to a public information officer with Buckeye police, the department has not received any results from the evidence submitted.

"It is sometimes a 'hurry up and wait.' Tests take as long as they take,” said Executive Director of the Arizona Police Association Levi Bolton.

12 News has learned Buckeye police have received some new leads and continue to investigate the case, but without results from the lab this investigation has certainly stalled.

According to Bolton, it is not unusual for test results to take weeks, months and sometimes longer. The issue comes back to staffing.

"We have a finite number of those people qualified to make those determinations,” Bolton said.

Since Wilson went missing, Buckeye police have conducted several massive searches and have reached out to the FBI and other agencies. Hundreds of volunteers have also come out to help scour the desert area around Wilson's house.

The boy's school has also been involved in looking for him and keeping his disappearance in the public spotlight. Staff members organized a memorial walk and have covered the school with yellow ribbons.

Police say despite the lack of any new information, they are continuing to investigate and follow up on all potential leads. Investigators have interviewed family members, neighbors and friends in hopes of finding something that will help solve this case.

Buckeye police have not identified anyone as a suspect or a person of interest in the case, but the department is hopeful that evidence collected, when tests are completed, could help them solve this case.