PHOENIX - It's the first time we are seeing shocking body camera footage from the day a little girl was hit by a Phoenix police cruiser outside of her home while she was getting ice cream.

The horrific moments happened in August of 2016.

Lawyers and investigators are currently mulling over evidence, trying to get to the bottom of what happened the day then three-year-old Vanessa was severely injured.

The body camera video from the Phoenix Police Department shows the family frantically trying to figure out if their daughter was OK. Firefighters got to the scene quickly, rushing Vanessa to the hospital.

Police told the ice cream truck driver to move his truck, but not leave the scene yet.

The last time we heard from lawyers or the family was last year, but now a lawsuit has been filed.

Lawyers for the family say Vanessa is alive, but they could not comment on her condition. Lawyers representing the City of Phoenix were also unable to give any updates.

Vanessa's devastated family is also not available to speak now about the horrific events happening just feet away from their front door last year.