SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - A newer gym concept, BODI, is all the rage in Old Town Scottsdale.

On Wednesday morning, 55 people made it to the 5 a.m. Sweat class.

"We make you feel strong," said Nikki Metzger, the co-owner of BODI. "We make you feel power. You feel unstoppable while you are in here. If you’ve ever played a sport like it brings you back to being on a team. It’s a whole team atmosphere."

Metzger and her husband came up with the hour-long concept.

There are two types of classes: sweat classes or strength classes.

"Sweat days are going to be more of your cardio days," she said. "Strength is going to be focused on getting that really good muscle workout."

There are different stations that members go to with little breaks. Stations range from sprints to box jumps to rope swings to cycling.

"The workouts change every single day," Metzger said, "so it always keeps you guessing and fun and fresh."

Metzger's training is known among fitness experts nationwide. In 2015, she was featured in Women’s Health magazine and dubbed the "Next Fitness Star."

The class is $145/month unlimited. First class is free.

BODI is located near 5th Ave. and Indian School Rd. in Scottsdale.