PHOENIX - It was a warm welcome for 80 hometown heroes who deployed to Texas and Florida to help in search-and-rescue and recovery efforts after hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The team was away from home for for a 21-day convoy with more than 20 trucks hauling boat trailers, box trucks and high-tech equipment.

The task force members were greeted by the Phoenix Fire Department and Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton.

"It wasn't just time away from family. It was the unbelievable to work they were doing saving lives of people that they never even met," said Stanton.

Most importantly, the families were anxiously awaiting their arrival Saturday night with signs, balloons and plenty of hugs and kisses.

Marshall Zeable said being away from his wife and children was harder than facing the elements during and after the storms.

"We're very proud to [help], but coming home is what it really all boils down to," he said.