Noah Ling, 22, was arrested Wednesday after a chase that reportedly reached speeds of well over 110 mph. Authorities said he has a history of speeding on Valley roads.

According to court paperwork, a blue motorcycle had been traveling east on Loop 101 at a high rate of speed for the past two months.

On five different occasions, the arresting officer says in the filed report, an authorities tried pull over the motorcycle, but its rider, Ling, accelerated away too quickly at speeds over 100 mph.

According to court documents, law enforcement tracked Ling using ADOT cameras along his normal path to his exit. Ling would normally exit the freeway at either Happy Valley Road or Pinnacle Peak. He would then travel east.

Using Ling's routine, authorities placed officers at several locations along Ling's route.

An attempt to pull over Ling led to a pursuit with Ling reaching speeds over 110 mph, according to the filed paperwork.

Ling led authorities to his work, where he ran inside and hid in the bathroom.

He was taken into custody shortly after and booked on two counts of unlawful flight from law enforcement and one count of endangerment.