TEMPE, Ariz. – The Arizona State University Police Department began online enrollment for its active shooter scenario course.

Crime prevention coordinator and course instructor, Charles Eberspacher, brings 35 years of law enforcement experience to the classroom.

The course has been available for several years, but 2017 marked the beginning of online registration. Students watch a video produced by Washington State University.

The hour-long course is free, limited to ASU students and staff and ends with a question-and-answer session.

Eberspacher said there were about four courses scheduled each month. He said the skills on how to get out, hide out and if necessary, take out a shooter, could be used beyond the campus.

“We’re actually giving them safety tips and things to look for in everyday life—when you’re on your way to work, when you’re on your way to school, when you’re at home—whatever the case may be,” Eberspacher said.

If staff and students are interested in getting a group together for a course outside the scheduled times and locations, they can contact ASU crime prevention at 480-965-3456.

Eberspacher said the goal was to install the mindset to survive in the heads of those taking the class.