PHOENIX - An organization called Food for the Hungry has already had a huge presence in Haiti after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010.

The people of this group are there now, helping in disaster-relief efforts after Hurricane Matthew roared through, blamed for at least five deaths and widespread destruction on the island.

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Staff from this Phoenix-based organization are helping in a number of ways beyond supplying food: They're helping with shelter, clean water and the safety of the Haitians affected.

They're also monitoring the situation for secondary effects like rivers overflowing and water-born diseases such as cholera.

Some of the people of the organization actually live in Haiti and are facing the risk of mudslides and other threats themselves while they work to help people affected by the storm .

"At first, they become paralyzed quite often," said Gary Edmonds, president and CEO of Food for the Hungry. "They try to secure themselves, secure their family. They're looking to make sure, 'Are they safe? Can we have shelter? Can we have clean water?' So they are just literally trying to take care of themselves."

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