TIME Magazine unveiled its highly anticipated "Person of the Year” Wednesday, and the recipient ended up being more than just one person.

The "Silence Breakers" were the chosen few who the magazine said made the biggest impact this year.

The revelations from these silence breakers helped prompt millions of women and men across the world to share their experiences of sexual harassment.

“I think it's great that it's out in the open,” said Carol Rosenblat.

Rosenblat knows all too well just how difficult it was for the women, now known as the silence breakers, to speak up against those who've victimized them.

“Many of us came out in the past but we were shut down and after that, if it happened again, we just never talked about it,” she said.

However, seeing other women including celebrities come forward, Rosenblat says she finally had the strength to share her own story of sexual harassment and assault.

“The situation is rarely black and white, and so anything that you did could be scrutinized,” Rosenblat told 12 News.

Rosenblat, whose worked in the travel industry for more than 20 years, detailed four of the incidents on her Facebook page.

One of them had to do with the best friend of a man she worked for, starting to give her a neck massage and then grabbing her breasts at an end-of-day meeting.

Another had to do with a co-worker trying to force himself on her while she worked on a cruise ship.

She says fear of retaliation and not being believed led her to keep quiet about the incidents.

While even she has been shocked by some of the recent scandals, Rosenblat believes nothing will change unless everyone knows the truth about what's happening.

“Men are so surprised that this is what women have experienced for years and when they express that I'm thinking, 'Really, you didn't know?'” she said.