PHOENIX- The Arizona State Fair is here and that means it's time to quit your diet.

Classic fair favorites like turkey legs, corn dogs and funnel cakes are hot and ready to go, but the most popular items are always the new creations.

"We have fried Tim Tams and deep fried chocolate covered marshmallows," said Sweet Cheeks owner Jacqie Bradbury.

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It's her job to come up with the newest food to hit your daily calorie limit in two bites.

"What you eat at the fair stays at the fair,” she said. “Every good diet tells you you can have one cheat day."

It not just about the sweets though.

There are deep fried tamales and Fritos pie chili cheeseburgers. That's just a few of the high-calorie but must-have selections at the Arizona State Fair.

Gates open for the first time on Friday at noon.