PHOENIX - If you want a glass of wine while you're getting a haircut, or your nails done, some Arizona lawmakers say 'Why not?'

House Bill 2337 would make it easier for businesses to get liquor licenses -- specifically to sell beer or wine.

Right now, counties in Arizona get one liquor license per 10,000 people.

The proposal would allow one more liquor license for each increase of the population by only 5,000.

This opens the door to spas, salons and barber shops that are perhaps are already serving alcohol illegally.

“Historically, you’ve have barber shops, spas, salons, giving out alcohol to the patrons illegally,” said Nick Gutilla, a civil practice lawyer, with a focus on the liquor industry, based at Gutilla Murphy Anderson law group in North Phoenix. “It’ll [only] make the license available. Right now, every [business that has one] wants to keep them. They don’t want to sell [the liquor license.]”

Gutilla also said the measure is a consensus bill, meaning it has no opposition.

HB 2337 will go to the Senate for a vote before reaching Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk.