PHOENIX - Inspectors have found 78 credit card skimmers inside gas pumps in 2016, and the Division of Weights and Measures can't prevent it from happening.

There were only 11 skimmers found across Arizona in all of 2015. There have been 30 skimmers found since Labor Day. The Department of Agriculture is responding with a sweep of gas pumps.

Criminals install the skimmers inside gas pumps, undetectable to the customer. The criminal stores the credit card number and makes fake cards with your data.

“Until we can find a way to prevent the installation of skimmers, we’re going to protect consumers the best way possible – removing the skimmers from the pumps” said said Michelle Wilson, Associate Director of the Division of Weights and Measures Services in an statement.

The Department of Agriculture documents where these skimmers have been found, but does not list the name of the gas station, saying they are victims of the criminals as well.

There have been 8 skimmers found at a gas station in Tucson at I-10 and Ina Rd.

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