MESA, Ariz.- The students that make up AZLoop, Arizona's own Hyperloop team, are headed to the SpaceX finals at the company's Hyperloop test track in California.

The team learned the good news in a special ceremony Friday.

The AZLoop team is made up of students from all ASU campuses, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and NAU.

All are working toward the goal of trying to safely deliver passengers in a vehicle from Phoenix to San Diego in about a half an hour -- for which they developed a pod-like capsule that rockets down a steel tube on a smooth track in a near-vacuum environment.

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Now comes the real challenge.

The team has until the end of July to build its Hyperloop pod to scale. But, according to a release, the team will have an edge over the competition, thanks to a half-mile long track that will be built by industry partners in Mesa.

AZLoop is scheduled to have their first trial run on the track in late July or early August -- with finals taking place in late August.

According to a release, the team and their competition will be judged on one thing: "Maximum speed with successful deceleration."