PHOENIX - The chairperson of the Republican party in Arizona says "liberal Dems" are trying to intimidate Republican voters after a threat was called into the GOP Arizona headquarters Monday.

‚ÄčAccording to Phoenix police, officers gave the all-clear after a "non-specific threat" was left on a voicemail at the building.

Chairperson Robert Graham tweeted ".@AZGOP is in the parking a bomb threat.First @NCGOP now Arizona. Liberal Dems will using intimidation to try to win! #hypocrites."

"Donald Trump supports have had their clothing torn off them. They're been egged, they've been hit with bottles, they've been assaulted," Graham told 12 News. "You don't see any of that going back the other way."

The party's building, located near 24th Street and Osborn Road in Phoenix, was searched for items or people who did not belong.

The Republican Party headquarters in North Carolina was fire bombed over the weekend.