PHOENIX - A select few APS workers were almost 50 feet high in the sky Tuesday morning. They were training for what could be a matter of life and death

"We work on power lines,” said Scott Kahrs, an APS troubleshooter and journeyman lineman. “So even the fire departments, they won't go up on the pole to rescue somebody."

With safety a priority, they'll mix in a little showmanship this weekend. It'll be a matter of who's the fastest and the best at the International Lineman Rodeo in Kansas City.

"There will be 230 three-man teams competing,” said Kahrs. “So it's a pretty big event."

"Arizona's got a good track record with a three-year span of winning first place,” said Kahrs.

There isn't much opportunity left to practice, but even if they had more time there are two mystery events to keep the competitors on their toes.

It’s a competition with real-world implications.

"It promotes the safety and how we kind of take care of each other as a brotherhood,” said Kahrs.