It was a scene too similar to the one from The Shining - a suspect wielding an ax smashed through the door of Erika Grijalva house as she hid in the bathroom.

The Mesa Police Department confirmed they were still looking for the suspect Tuesday.

In a Facebook post, Grijalva recounts the scary Sunday incident saying she rarely posts on the social media site.

"I feel letting others know what I went through today may hopefully keep others safe and hopefully bring me some solace," she wrote.

According to Grijalva, a young man (she called him a "kid") rang her doorbell. She, however, didn't answer since, she said in the post, she'd worked the last two nights.

The video from Grijavlva's Ring Video Doorbell shows the suspect pacing around her front porch and looking through her mail before leaving toward the backyard.

Grijalva said she was awoken by a loud crash and a "Is anyone home?" The suspect had smashed her sliding glass door, she said.

Grijalva sprang to her feet, grabbed her phone and locked herself in the bathroom.

"I heard him come into the bedroom," she wrote. "I told him I was calling 911."

Then, she said, "all I saw was an ax coming through the door." This was a sight, Grijalva said she would never move on from.

"I honestly thought he was going to hurt me with the ax once he got through," she wrote. "I had no idea what he wanted."

But the suspect just wanted money, Grijalva ended up handing over her laptop and tablet.

"He refused to take my credit cards, debit card and check book," Grijalva wrote. "As he walked out the back door he had just smashed in, he told me all he wanted was a few bucks and I never answered the doorbell."

Grijalva said the young man even offered to pay for the now-broken sliding glass door as he left.

According to the Associated Press, police say they found an ax in the yard.

Anyone with information is being urged to contact Mesa PD at 480-644-2211.