PHOENIX - Maricopa County Animal Care and Control says a certain kind of dog is in desperate need of help and homes this holiday season.

The shelter's west Valley facility is at capacity, according to spokesman Jose Miguel, and full of what they refer to as "bully" breeds.

According to Miguel, the average dog spends four days in the shelter system. However, McACC's bully breeds, on average, are spending 45 days. Some of these dogs have even spent more than 90 days at the west Valley shelter.

Miguel said these particular animals are being overlooked based on appearance and not on demeanor.

The shelter, in an effort to find these pups homes, have moved their long-time residents to the first three buildings, and starting Wednesday, will waive their adoption fees. These dogs will go home for just a simple licensing fee of $17.

The shelter has started sharing the stories of their "long-timers" on Facebook.

Miguel said the shelter has a Dec. 10 to find the pups homes before they will be forced to consider others options they "don’t want to consider."

For information, visit MCACC's website or its west Valley shelter at 2500 S. 27th Avenue in Phoenix.