PHOENIX- As a child, Timothy Ramsey remembers his teacher telling him he’d have to write a story. He did, it was a story about a horse, and his teachers loved it.

“I still remember my teacher said to me not 'you’re going to be a good writer,' but 'you’re a GREAT writer,'" Ramsey said.

He remembers his older sister going off to school and coming back saying how great teaching was. So he followed his dream too.

It’s been over three decades since then. Ramsey has been through the teaching system as a teacher and principal, and now he's back teaching at Westwind Elementary School in West Phoenix.

“One of the things I admire about Mr. Ramsey is that he’s been published a whopping six times in 'Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Principal Rod Henkel said.

One of Ramsey’s passions is writing, and he’s been recognized for it, which he takes into the classroom. There, his students learn and have become very passionate writers as well.

“The stories they’ve written had made my family cry, it’s hard to grade their papers, but they are the reason I keep coming back," Ramsey said.

We all hope he continues to teach, and evolve the minds of the rest of our future writers for years to come.