AVONDALE, Ariz. - One day, Principal Richard Ramos went into a classroom for a series of questions with some of his students, one student asked if he was like the "other principals who left after one year on the job." It was that day that Ramos realized he was at that school to stay.

It is said that leadership starts from the top. Estrella Vista Stem Academy's principal, Mr. Ramos, takes that phrase to heart.

"So the most important thing for me is building relationships. I really feel that people need to be happy in their workspace or you know, in the school environment. It’s a community here," said Ramos. "But building relationships is really critical for me."

His community has come to realize that.

Every morning, Ramos becomes a crossing guard. It is there where he shows his leadership by greeting every teacher, parent and student he comes across.

"Believe it or not, that is my favorite part of the day," Ramos said.

"He is just an incredible individual, he’s very passionate about what he does," said Krystine Tressler, a parent of one of the students that attends the school.

Tressler nominated Ramos as an A+ Teacher because "he comes to school with a smile on his face everyday, he greets all the kids all the parents and my son he just loves him, he adores him."

Ramos is from Globe, Arizona. His Latino parents, who were miners there, taught him the value of hard work and leadership.

"Mr. Ramos is a fantastic leader on our campus," said Anthony Haduch, who Ramos hired as a teacher. "His entire form of leadership is really building others in a shared leadership so he works to empower everyone on our campus and our community."

Ramos is an inspiration, a community leader, and an educator who deserves the title of A+ Teacher.