GLENDALE, Ariz. -  A 6-week-old kitten is now safe and sound after being rescued from a Glendale storm drain.

“We got a call from Fire. The dispatch said they were coming out to get a kitten that fell down a 20-foot drain,” said Valerie Newman with the Arizona Humane Society.

Firefighters from the Peoria, Phoenix and Glendale departments along with personnel from the Arizona Humane Society worked together to save the little feline, who was stuck near 59th and Peoria avenues.

“There was a couple of ladies who had mentioned their children had seen the kitten roll down into the storm drain. At the time, there was one kitten in the storm drain with three or four other strays running around,” said Glendale FD Cpt. Mike O’Neill. “We could hear the kitten screaming down from the hole.”

She was down a narrow, deep hole that required some ingenuity for the rescue. They first tried to lure the kitty into a bucket with cat food. They quickly moved onto Plan B when that failed.

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“Swimming pool net with several poles taped together,” said O’Neill.

The Arizona Humane Society believes the kitten is a stray. She'll be checked out by the vet and placed in a foster home.

The rescue took about an hour and couldn't have had a better outcome for the kitten and her siblings, who had been sitting by a nearby tree. They now have a chance at a better life, thanks to their clumsy sister.

“Hopefully, all the kittens get adopted and find good loving safe homes,” said O’Neill.

The Arizona Humane Society say the kittens could be up for adoption in a couple of weeks.