PHOENIX - The Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale Fire Departments assisted a total of seven people off Camelback Mountain Saturday during simultaneous incidents, according to firefighters.

The initial call was for a 54-year-old woman with an ankle injury on the Echo Canyon trail.

She was about 200 yards from the summit of the mountain and was unable to walk down on her own.

Firefighters said she was loaded into a big wheel once her ankle was stabilized and brought to one of the mountain landing zones. She was then flown to the base landing zone.

Once she was at the bottom, she refused further treatment or transport.

On the Cholla side of Camelback Mountain, there was a report of a 72-year-old man with mild dehydration, according to firefighters.

He was moved to the shade and treated with IV fluids.

Firefighters said about a quarter of a mile up the trail from that man, there was a group of five people who were all running low on water.

Fire department mountain rescue teams walked down the rest of the trail with them.

One of the five was put into a big wheel and assisted down.

None of the people needing assistance on the Cholla side of the mountain were transported.