ID=26716715Seven groups are now competing to get an initiative on the 2016 Arizona ballot that would legalize marijuana.

There is room for more than one initiative on the ballot. But given the cost of obtaining voters signatures to qualify for the ballot -- about $750,000 or more -- it's unlikely that more than two initiatives will make it.

The signature deadline is July 2016; about 150,000 signatures are required, but typically 200,000 to 250,000 are needed to account for signatures that get stricken.

The seven groups are:

Hemp Our World (HOW) Arizona: HOW is looking to make the cultivation of hemp for commercial and research programs legal for farmers

Marijuana Policy Project: The MPP wants to regulate marijuana just like alcohol, making it legal for those 21 or older. Its proposal would allow private users to grow pot in their homes and would create a state agency to oversee licensing and enforcement. A 15% excise tax would pay for implementing and enforcing the regulations.

Safer Arizona: Safer Arizona proposes a Good Samaritan law that would help with overdoses and post-conviction relief for people convicted of marijuana-related crimes.

Campaign Against Marijuana Prohibition (CAMP) 420: CAMP 420 wants similar regulations as MPP and Safer, but would bar localities from imposing limits.

Arizonans for Mindful Regulation: AFMR's initiative would reduce criminal penalties for possession and would get rid of the automatic DUI for marijuana users.

NORML: NORML would eliminate all penalties for private possession.

Re-Legalize All Drugs (RAD1): Re-Legalize All Drugs would eliminate all laws related to marijuana, prohibit government regulation and release all marijuana offenders from jail or prison.