The house is not unique or really that different from the others around it. In fact, it is typical as far as homes go. The outside of the home certainly blends in with the other houses in the Mesa neighborhood.

The inside, however, is unlivable.

“Unimaginable, it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen,” said Denise Moore.

The house became a playpen for 30 Chihuahuas. The small dogs have lived inside the home for around four years without going outside.

“I thought I was walking on gravel but it was feces,” said Moore.

The elderly couple had been living outside on the back porch while the dogs ran around inside. Moore, who works for Arizona Small Dog Rescue, helped rescue the dogs after a friend of the owners called.

“The smell was overwhelming. My eyes burned, the smell of urine was so strong,” said Moore.

The nonprofit group could rescue all 30 dogs and is in the process of having them checked out by veterinarians.

“The dogs are not in that bad of shape considering where they were living. I can tell you they were loved,” said Moore.

The dogs were fed and given water regularly but for some reason they were not let outside to go to the bathroom or run around. Most of the dogs are now up for adoption at the Arizona Small Dog Rescue facility, while some are at other shelters.