During Monday's announcement that police had arrested Aaron Saucedo for the 2016 Serial Street Shootings, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams added three shootings to the case.

Two of the added shootings were from August 2015 and the third was from New Year's Day 2016, more than three months before the first of the shootings previously attributed to the Serial Street Shooter.

Saucedo, the 23-year-old man identified by Williams Monday as the suspect in the shootings, was arrested in April for one of the summer 2015 shootings, the killing of Raul Romero.

Romero, 61, was shot and killed the night of Aug. 16, 2015 near his home in the area of 900 E. Montebello Avenue. Last week, Saucedo pleaded not guilty to that shooting.

Four days prior, shots were fired at a home near 900 E. Colter Street, Williams said Monday, but nobody was injured.

Williams also said the early-morning New Year's 2016 killing of Jesse Olivas near 2800 N. 58th Drive has been connected to Saucedo.

It wasn't until March 17, St. Patrick's Day 2016, that the series known as the Serial Street Shootings began. That string involved nine shootings and seven deaths, bringing the total accusations against Saucedo to 12 shootings and nine homicides.

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