PHOENIX - Three puppies were taken from their kennels at the Arizona Animal Welfare League's Phoenix shelter Sunday night.

The puppies are 10-week-old cattle dog mixes and they need treatment for upper respiratory infections.

"These little guys are very young and at risk of becoming very ill if they are not returned quickly," AAWL President Judith Gardner said. “If the responsible parties would like to do the right thing and bring them back to AAWL, we will not press charges. However, if they are not returned, we will be working with the police to identify the thieves and we will press charges."

According to a release from the Arizona Animal Welfare League, two males and one female in hoodies went into the main shelter at 40th and Washington streets and took the pups around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Surveillance video has been sent to police, and authorities are keeping an eye on social media sites to ensure they are not being sold.

Anyone who has been approached about buying these puppies or has any information related to the situation can contact the AAWL at 602-492-2842.