PHOENIX - The city of Phoenix is home to more than 180 parks. Many are often packed with kids running, playing and swinging.

“She (Liviana) is fearless,” said Tanya Floyd.

Her daughter prefers playing in the sand and will often run from one area to the other without warning.

“I have to watch her 24/7,” said Floyd. It is a pretty typical response for a relatively new mother, especially when you learn more about what’s lurking in the city they live in.

Phoenix is home to almost 2,000 registered sex offenders, more than four times the next closest city in the state. Mesa has almost 400 registered sex offenders while Glendale has almost 200.

According to the Department of Public Safety website, there are almost 6,000 registered sex offenders living in our state.

“It’s a lot, that’s mind blowing,” said Daniel Rios.

The website breaks down the number of pedophiles in a number of ways, including ZIP codes.

The 85009 ZIP code is from 19th Avenue to 43rd Avenue and from Thomas Road just past Lower Buckeye Road. There are 171 registered sex offenders living in the area, many places are home to multiple offenders.

“It’s definitely frightening,” said Jaquela Tamplin.

The mother of a 2-year-old son, Tamplin had no idea how many pedophiles live in her neighborhood.

She was with her son at Cielito Park, in the 85017 ZIP code. There are 85 registered sex offenders that live in the area, including at least a few that live within two blocks of the park.

“That’s scary to me, they are wicked and evil,” said Tamplin.

The park is one of four that are in the three ZIP codes with the highest concentration of sex offenders. The third ZIP code is 85008. In those three ZIP codes, there are more than 350 registered sex offenders.

“It’s horrible, I see kids that are 12, 13 and 14 without any supervision,” said Amelia Soria.

Her son, Carlos, loves going to Little Canyon park by Grand Canyon University. The park is in the 85017 ZIP code.

“It is kind of a filthy crime, to put a child through that,” said Soria.

Neighbors are notified by mail when a sexual predator moves into the area but there is no notification at parks or playgrounds that a pedophile lives close by. There is no way to identify who is a predator,” said Floyd.

If you would like some information about the registered sex offenders in your area you can go to the Arizona Department of Public Safety's website.