With an average temperature of 78.9 through November, 2017 is in the running to be Phoenix's warmest year on record.

According to the National Weather Service, 2017 has a 47 percent chance of being the warmest ever and 96 percent chance of at least ranking in the top three.

The warmest year on record is 2014, and 2017, so far, is tied with it, after having the second warmest September to November on record, according to the NWS.

Not only that, but September to November this year is tied for the driest September to November on record.

If Friday passes without any measurable rain, Phoenix's dry streak will reach the triple digits.

Although there has been a few drops seen in the Valley, Phoenix hasn't received a measurable amount since August 23.

And the current forecast shows rainless weather for at least the next seven days.