PHOENIX - Thousands of Arizonans flooded downtown Phoenix Sunday morning for the 24th annual Race for the Cure event to fight breast cancer. The event raised $750,000.

For the survivors and supporters who showed up Sunday, the race is a form of group therapy.

"Some years you come to tell your story, some years you just come to listen," said Karen Emery, an 11-year cancer survivor.

The race is also a call to arms in an ongoing fight.

"Being a survivor, it's a celebration of life for us," said Denise Evans, a two-time cancer survivor.

Each step taken during the walk represents a different challenge, some unexpected.

Kathy Nelson was diagnosed six years ago.

"I'm a counselor at an elementary school, and for the first year I was bald. It was embarrassing because I didn't think anyone would hire me. I looked sickly," she said.

Women in the U.S. have a one in eight lifetime risk of getting breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

The hope is, with races like this one, that more patients cross the finish line victorious.

"We are a sorority of sisters," said Sharon Carlson, a 27-year breast cancer survivor. "There's nothing better than being with other survivors, giving them encouragement and inspiration."

You can still donate online at through Oct. 31.