This could really be it, people!

Today's high temperature is 98 degrees, and us Arizonans know thee difference between below 100-degree weather and above 100-degree weather is huge.

Tomorrow, temperatures will hike to 105 degrees and continue to rise throughout the week, reaching 117-degrees on Monday. Come next week, we're in for the long, sweaty summer.

But before temperatures hit over 100-degrees, what's the best way to live it up?

We've got a few ideas for how you can take advantage of the double digits' last hoorah.

1. Take your dog for a nice, long walk

Even in the 80s and 90s, you have to be careful that your furry friend has enough water. But as long as your pup is hydrated and you're careful about potentially hot sidewalks, you should be good to go.

2. Sit on a patio in the sunshine

Whether you've got a beer, coffee or water in your hand, take some time to enjoy the sun on your patio or someone else's.

Bring a book or a friend and stay a while.

3. Head to a pool or water park

As an Arizonan, you're bound to go to a pool or water park even in the dead of summer. But if you go while it's still under 100 degrees, your feet won't burn on the pavement-- which is always nice. Take a dip or catch some rays at the best pools and water parks across the Valley.

4. Go for a run outside

From here on out, the most exciting part of your runs will be trying to remember the settings on your gym's treadmill.

5. Appreciate not using your A/C-- that much

While you've probably already turned on the A/C, you can at least enjoy setting it higher than you will next month. That energy bill is about to skyrocket.

6. Bring a book to the park

Find a nice tree to prop yourself up and get lost in the pages of your latest adventure. Kids will appreciate playing on a playground that doesn't burn them.

7. Dress to look cool, not to stay cool

This might be the last week for several months that you can base your wardrobe decisions on how you'll look rather than how to survive the heat.

8. Take a hike

If you've got the time and the water, head out for a final post 9 a.m. hike. Just be sure to check the weather before so you're not caught off-guard.

9. Go for a bike ride

Hop on the bike and enjoy a long ride without totally overheating or needing to shower immediately after.

10. Drive with the windows down

Turn on the tunes, stick your hand out the window and feel the air rushing by!

11. Use your oven

You're not going to want to do anything that can heat up your home even more once the summer begins in earnest.

12. Have a cookout

Cooking outside is also much more enjoyable before the weather becomes unbearably hot.