PHOENIX – A judge heard arguments in court regarding sealed documents related to the case against Aaron Saucedo, 23, who the Phoenix Police Department has linked to multiple deaths and shootings.

To be clear, Saucedo only has one formal charge of first-degree murder filed against him.

The rest is still under review, which is why prosecutors don't want some of the information released to the public yet.

“The charges have been submitted for our review, and we're doing that,” said prosecutor Trisha Stevens, who was in for Juan Martinez, known for his role in the Jodi Arias trial.

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The sealed documents in the Serial Street Shooter case have evidence on what exactly police used to tie Saucedo to the killings.

Saucedo's defense team argued their client is innocent. They said releasing the information would only make him a target.

"We would ask that, at least until there's a decision made as to whether he's going to be charged with all these other things, that he be protected from being identified as somebody who may have committed a number of other murders,” Saucedo's defense team said.

Prosecutors also said it would interfere with the investigation, and it would interfere with the rights of due process for the victims and the defendant.

But is that argument enough to hinder the public's right to be informed?

Craig Hoffman, who represented the interveners in this hearing, said it is not.

"The notion that we can continue to have it sealed based upon this generalized allegation that it might compromise an ongoing investigation is not sufficient,” he said. “You need to be able to put facts on the record."

The judge, who agreed to seal the documents in the first place, is set to announce his decision sometime Thursday.