EL MIRAGE, Ariz. - A house fire in El Mirage could’ve turned out much worse, if it wasn’t for one young and brave family member who acted very quickly to help her loved ones.

It was a wake-up call no one in Irene Hernandez's family expected.

"My granddaughter came to the room and stated there was smoke and something was burning so my husband and I got up to look around," Hernandez said.

Then Hernandez and her husband found the attic was ablaze.

"We just went back inside, called everybody, started grabbing grandchildren and everything," she said.

Fifteen people were inside the home after a family get-together the night before. Hernandez says she doesn't know what would've happened if her fast-acting granddaughter Genesis, hadn't been there.

"It could've been worse but only God knows why he picked her to smell and wake us up and let us know what was going on," she said.

A smart 10-year-old who followed her gut instinct, knowing something at home wasn't right.

"She goes I called Tata, Nana and let them know what was going on," Hernandez said. "And, that's how we got out. She's the one that truly helped us out."

The family says they're thankful no one was hurt and the home is minimally damaged.