PHOENIX - According to Phoenix fire officials, six people have been stung by bees at an RV park in far north Phoenix.

Phoenix fire officials said the six people are in stable condition, though a 59-year-old man was taken to a hospital for his injuries.

The people were all stung between three and 10 times.

It started when a couple tried to move their shed.

“I hooked a four-wheeler wench on to it and drug it back four feet and as soon as we did, the bees just came from everywhere,” said Jim Hammes.

Thousands of bees zeroed in on Hammes and several other people.

“I’ve never had them chase me 100-200 yards,” he said.

Everyone ran in panic.

“We all scattered and we went into our home, about six of us went in there with a few hundred of our best friend bees and we were getting stung in there,” said Hammes.

One person called the fire department and responders sprayed foam on the area.

Medics treated a number of people in the social hall. One of their friends ended up in the hospital.

“He got stung a lot of times, but we all got stung quite a few times, I think most of us got stung in our head and ears,” he said.

Through all the chaos, they learned what not to do.

“The worst thing you do, you can swing your hat at them and next thing you know you’ll have 20 bees inside your hat,” said Hammes.

He says that just made the bees mad.

“Brian that’s in the hospital got a hose over here and tried to wash off, and that didn’t help,” he said.

Jim’s wife Liz is just thankful.

“I just want to say thank you to the firefighters, the EMT’s, they were wonderful,” she said. “They evaluated everybody.”

“We’re here and they were wonderful and thank the good lord that everybody is okay,” she added.

It appears the foam killed most of the bees. Now everyone is hoping their friend, who took the brunt of the attack, can come home from the hospital soon.

A worker was later seen spraying a building in the area with anti-bee foam.