Justin likes to help people by fixing things.

Made a mess of your homework? Justin will help you fix it.

"I’m really good in math,” says the 16-year-old,so if someone asks for help, I’ll help them.”

Justin’s strength in math helps him in his favorite school subject -- automobile mechanics. He is a natural at repairing cars -- as his A’s in the class demonstrate. Justin says he wants to be an auto mechanic when he grows up because it’s a chance “to help people.”

Justin love cars and he also has a soft spot for animals.

“I like animals because sometimes people are mean to them and they have no defenses, so I like to help them out,” he says.

He especially enjoys walking dogs and says he hopes to have a dog of his own one day.

Right now, skateboarding is his favorite activity. Determination and a dose of fearlessness were evident during a skateboarding lesson with Marcus Johnson at Kids That Rip.

“Justin was determined, he was committed and he was passionate about skateboarding,” says Johnson. “He just wanted to learn.”

Justin also likes to ride his bike, shoot hoops, play football and work out. As a spectator, he is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

Justin is open to any home that offers love and stability, be it single-parent household or two-parent home. He says he would love “to have somebody I can talk to about stuff, to have fun going places, and to be active.”

Justin says he would like being a big brother to younger siblings in his forever home. Setting down roots and being a part of a family, however, are what matters most.

“It would be great not to move around all the time and have one place to stay, and to know it’s my forever home,” he says.

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For more information on Justin, call Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK) at 602-930-4900 or visit www.aask-az.org.