Ten-year-old Dameon is a pretty good quarterback, but he may be a better teammate.

“I describe myself as a nice person and a good quarterback,” he says, confidently.

“I always pass the ball and I don’t always pass the ball to the good people,” Dameon says, explaining that he wants everyone to feel they are part of the team. “Sometimes, I pass it to my friends who are not good.”

And if the players who aren’t good don’t make the catch, it’s no big deal, Dameon says.

“I just say, ‘good try,’” he says.

Dameon also likes soccer and appreciated the one-on-one coaching of Mike Casten of Soccer Shots. Dameon worked on his dribbling, juggling and passing skills.

“My favorite part was when he was chasing me and we were zig-zagging,” Dameon says, laughing.

But Dameon knows there is more to life than sports. He does the best he can in the classroom.

“My favorite subjects are math and reading,” he says.

Dameon says he would like a forever family with a mother and a father – and two dogs.

“Dameon needs the support and attention that comes from being in a two-parent household,” says Brianna Rossi, a Wendy’s Wonderful Kids adoption recruiter with Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK).

“Having a mother and father working together to support Dameon – and each other – would allow him to thrive,” says Rossi.

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