They look like brightly-colored tiny plastic blocks to some folks, but to 14-year-old Anaya they are infinite possibilities.

Anaya got her first LEGO set seven years ago and her collection has grown so large that she houses the pieces in a suitcase, carefully sorted by color in plastic bags.

The teen’s knack for building things was on display during a recent visit to Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering where she built a race car and a bubble machine.

“I think it is cool that there’s a School of Engineering,” she says. “I want to be an engineer.”

It’s a reasonable aspiration for someone regularly on the honor roll.

“I love school,” Anaya says. “It’s pretty fun for me. I’m a straight A and B student. My favorite subject is math. I like everything about math.”

She also likes everything about pop star Justin Bieber.

“I like to listen to music a lot,” Anaya says. “I like rap, hip hop, and pop.”

The high school freshman is also focused on fitness, with an emphasis on healthy eating and exercise. And like many girls her age, she has a growing interest in fashion.

Anaya, who now lives in a group home, is open to almost any sort of forever home.

“I’d like a mom, two moms, or a mom and a dad,” she says, adding she’d like them to be “happy and open to the things that I like. I like basketball, so the family would have to let me play basketball.”

She says she hopes for a family “that encourages me and praises me for the things that make me happy.”

A lot of cats would be nice, too.

Watch Anaya’s story and others on the Wednesday’s Child segment on 12 Today.

For more information on Anaya, call Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK) at 602-930-4900, or visit

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