The nation has found a source of boundless clean energy -- 7-year-old Aaron.

Dashing about in a Batman mask, taking a break from a piano lesson to pound out an original tune celebrating monsters, mirroring the acrobatics of a visiting Spider-Man -- there seems to be no limit to his enthusiasm.

“Aaron needs a very fun, active, on-the-go family that is also very patient and nurturing,” says youth advocate Jen Workman.

Aaron is a natural showman who likes to make others laugh.

“Aaron is absolutely hilarious,” Workman says. “He has the best sense of humor I’ve ever seen.

“He has the best facial expressions and can make anyone laugh.”

Like many boys his age, Aaron is captivated by characters bigger than life – Batman and Spider-Man, Transformers and Power Rangers.

He enjoys riding bikes and he loves animals. He would like to have a dog someday.

Aaron “is very smart,” says Workman. “He does well academically in school. He does have some support just for helping him focus and staying on task.”

Aaron says he would like living in a house headed by a single mother, especially “a mom that lets me go to Target sometimes.”

Workman says Aaron would fit in well with older siblings.

“The love and support of a forever family for Aaron would mean he could stay in one place and just be more at ease with being a kid,” Workman says.

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