The following is from Read Better Be Better:

Arizona has a problem: 84% of Arizona’s low-income 3rd graders are not reading at grade level, making them four times less likely than their peers to graduate from high school. Read Better Be Better(RBBB) is the only nonprofit in Arizona addressing this literacy crisis, making RBBB precisely the opportunity to reach struggling youth in Arizona.

RBBB is unlike any after school program in Arizona. This is because there is a mutual benefit between the 8th grade leaders and the 3rd grade readers. The 3rd grades who enter the program are at 'below' or 'basic' reading proficiency. In just one semester RBBB improves the reading skills in 100% of the participants.

Importantly, quantitative evaluations show that 3rd grade participants develop an enjoyment of reading and stronger self-efficacy, two qualities that will help them through the rest of their academic careers. The 8th grade leaders also show drastic increases in their sense of civic responsibility and self-confidence, and service learning opportunities. RBBB is also proven to improve graduation rates.

Furthermore, their data also shows that 8th graders begin to read to siblings at home, which is the best possible solution for sustained change. RBBB gives every struggling student we serve a chance to take their education in their own hands and lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty.