PHOENIX - More than 100 firefighters battled a raging fire overnight in north Phoenix.

Fire officials confirmed it was a care facility that was under construction and caught fire.

Nearby homes had to be evacuated as crews tried to contain the fast moving fire.

“When I woke up, I saw the flames flying up in the air, and ashes coming down," said nearby resident Douglas Campbell. “I wasn’t really nervous, it was just kind of stunning.”

“I saw a small flame while I was walking over here, so I stayed and the flames just got bigger and bigger," said Diego Becerra, who was walking nearby and stopped to take photos. “I was standing there and the heat was just so strong, I had to move back over here. And there was ash everywhere.”

Fire officials said at least one house nearby had serious fire damage.

No one was injured.

On Saturday morning, firefighters were still on scene monitoring hot spots.

The owners estimate the dames to be around 7 million dollars and said the facility was 50% completed.

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