TEMPE, Ariz. - A Tempe company is about to launch what they say would be the first on-demand medical marijuana delivery app in Arizona.

The app, called Supurb, lets medical marijuana patients contact the nearest dispensary that delivers and order their medical marijuana supplies. Supurb gets a cut of the delivery and the dispensary dispatches a "dispensary agent" to deliver it to the patient. 

"What's a general need that the industry needs? Deliveries," said CEO Jonathan Ghiz. 

And according to Ghiz and the Arizona Department of Health Services, it appears to be legal. 

A spokesman for DHS said state law allows for medical marijuana to be delivered as long as the dispensary verifies the patient's medical marijuana card and identity, and a sate-licensed dispensary agent physically delivers it.

The intent is to allow people who can't leave their homes the ability to get medical marijuana. 

"We check their cards five to six times in a delivery," Oasis Dispensaries Dispensary agent Clayton Sullivan said. "That's from store to location."

"We actually verify you with the state to make sure you're in good standing," Supurb COO Justin Schudel said. 

Supurb is basically a middle man, Ghiz and Shudel said. The company never actually handles the marijuana or the money, it just sets up the contact between the patient and the dispensary. Then, the company takes a cut from the money made from the delivery, they said. 

Supurb is live in beta testing now and serves more than 4,000 medical marijuana patients, company officials said. The company hopes to officially launch the service later this month.