Inside an abandoned garage in Centreville on Tuesday morning, police found the little girl Danny and Christine O’Dell say they wish they could’ve saved.

“We’re devastated. We’re just devastated. We tried to get the girls out of there,” Danny said.

The rural Greenville couple told Five on Your Side that noticeable problems began to surface shortly after their daughter married 34-year-old Jason Quate in 2004. The two had met while working together at a restaurant in Fairview Heights.

Danny said, “We knew there were problems when she became so distant. She had problems with finances. Everything.”

The O’Dells said Quate eventually cut them out all together and relocated their daughter and granddaughters, despite their repeated attempts to try and get help.

“I talked to where they went to school. They tried to help us, but we couldn’t get it done,” Danny explained.

Now, Quate is facing multiple charges after his wife confessed to Las Vegas police Monday night that he had sex trafficked her for two years and was physically abusing their two daughters.

According to LVMPD, the two girls, who have now been placed in protective custody, showed signs of not being allowed in public for quite some time.

But worst of all, Quate’s wife confessed that he had murdered their other daughter, 6, in 2013 and concealed the body in a container. The disturbing claim was verified when police in Centreville searched a property on Russell Ave.

“There’s nothing worse than losing a granddaughter,” Danny said.

For the grandparents, the loss isn’t just heartbreaking. It comes with a painful feeling of guilt.

“There needs to be something in place for when there’s warning signs, you get the kids out of there. She’d still be here today if we had been successful,” he said.

Quarte is in custody in Las Vegas. He has not yet been charged with the murder of his daughter.

On Wednesday, police in Belleville expanded their search to another home. It’s believed part of the alleged crime happened in their jurisdiction.

An autopsy is also planned to formally identify the young victim.